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When considering fixed permanent dentures it is important to understand that this is normally done in a series of 2-3 phases.
In order for us to be able to give you as close to accurate information on your case it would be helpful if you could provide us with any of the following information on your dental situation.

  • Any panoramic X-Rays
  • A Treatment plan made by your dentist
  • Do you currently wear dentures?
  • Will you be having any teeth extracted before placing your denture?
  • Do you suffer from bone loss or periodontal disease?
  • What is your desired outcome for your treatment?
I will now go over the different options that you may have for your specific case.
Implant supported dentures are overdentures that are supported and attached to a dental implants. These dentures can either be snapped into, or screwed into your implants giving the wearer a more stable and natural feel for their dentures.
The advantage of implant supported dentures is that you will not have the problems and hassles that traditional dentures may cause, such as having to take them out when eating, worrying about them falling out when talking, or molestation from the denture rubbing against your gums.
Also with implant retained dentures there is no bothersome plastic covering your upper palate that can cause speech impediments, molestation and take away the taste of food. 
The dentures are constructed to fit the ridge of your jaw bones to give you a more real to natural look and feel.
Here is some information on the different types of dentures so that you can easier choose which may be the right choice for you.

Snap On Dentures

These dentures are by as many as 2-6 implants on the lower jaw and as many as 4-8 implants on the top. Depending on your specific case and the recommendations of your doctor.
Snap on dentures work on a ball and housing concept where the abutment fits into a housing unit on the denture. (or visa versa)
The advantage that a lot of people like is that they are able to take out and clean the denture themselves, avoiding the hassle of going to your dentist every time that you need to clean your dentures.
Patients also feel comfortable with the fact that there is no plastic covering the upper palate which can be a real bother.
The dentures are constructed of a hard acrylic base which which will give the natural appearance of your gum line, and a full set of teeth for esthetic and masticatory aspect.
It is said that snap on dentures are a great solution for people who have already have dentures but are looking for a more fixed solution. For someone about to extract your remaining teeth, a fixed bar retained denture may be more comfortable.
This is of course should be discussed with your dentist during your treatment plan.

Screw Retained Dentures

These dentures are by as many as 2-6 implants on the lower jaw and as many as 4-8 implants on the top. Depending on your specific case and the recommendations of your doctor.
These dentures are screwed into your implants by a dentist for a fixed solution.
Once the dentist has placed your denture and secured it with the screws the "screw holes" normally behind the teeth are filled with a dental resin in order to give you a nice esthetic look. This resin can be removed by a dentist for removal and cleaning of your denture.
Screw retained dentures provide maximum stability and support when biting and for comfort. 
As with snap on dentures, the denture is constructed using a hard acrylic that will give the appearance of your gum line. A full set of teeth will also be constructed to provide the esthetic value you are looking for. 
It is important to go into your dentist at least 2-3 times a month in order for him to remove and clean your dentures for you.

Fixed Hybrid Dentures 

These dentures are by as many as 2-6 implants on the lower jaw and as many as 4-8 implants on the top. Depending on your specific case and the recommendations of your doctor.
We are able to create these dentures in our lab using Cad/Cam technologies to provide a perfect fit for your dentures.
A titanium, or gold cast metal bar is made into the frame work for your denture. This bar will have access holes to be screwed into your implants for a secure fit.
Teeth are then masterly crafted and placed into the framework of the bar using a dental acrylic, to give a true to natural look to your smile. These teeth also have access holes in order for them to be screwed in. Once the denture is fitted the access holes will be covered with a dental resin to complete the masterpiece.
These dentures will also need to be taken out and cleaned by a dentist at lest 2-3 times a month.

WHich ever set of dentures you decide will be best for your case, you will be getting a fixed solution to your dental problems. 
For more information on your specific case, consult further with your dentist.

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Dental Implants In Cancun, Mexico

More and more Americans and Canadians have been crossing their borders to come visit a beautiful caribbean paradise for their dental implants. The average cost of dental implants in the United States is $3,000 dollars for a single implant. And about the same in Canada. The high costs of dental care is leaving many people with unattended dental illnesses, that in time create even worse problems. 

Cancun Mexico has been know for years as the #1 vacation spot in the caribbean, and now it is being know as a leading location in the dental tourism industry. People from all over the world are making the trip to Cancun to have their dental work taken care of by skilled and respected dentists at a fraction of the cost.

People needing dental implants have been choosing Cancun dentists such as Dr. Irma Gavaldon from Ocean Dental as their solution. Not only is she a U.S licensed dentist, but she is a graduate from the University of Michigan with her masters degree in restorative dentistry. This University has one of the best dental programs in the United States and shows a lot about about her skill and dedication. Which is exactly what patients traveling abroad need and deserve.

The implant process is usually a two phase process. The first phase consists of a detailed examination of the patient in order for the maxilliofacial surgeon to take into account the bone density of the patient, the sinus pockets, nerves and other factors that need to be considered for successful implants.

Once the treatment plan is set, the patient will then go through the actual implant process.
The implant will be placed along with any necessary bone grafting material and membrane placement.
Post surjury the patient will need go through the osseo integration period which can last anywhere from 3-6 months.
This period is crucial for a successful implant because this is the period of time where the bone actually integrates with the implant, taking a firm hold on it.

The second period of the implant process would be the restorative phase.
In this next trip to the dentist the implant will be restored and the abutment will be placed along with the crown or bridge, Leaving you with a great new smile.

In some cases, people may be candidates for immediate load implants. This is when the implant, abutment and crown are all placed on the same trip, although not everyone is a candidate for this procedure.

The cost dental implants at Ocean Dental Cancun $900 USD. A big difference in what people would otherwise pay if they chose to do their work at home in the U.S or Canada.
Having a great dentist at affordable prices is what everyone deserves, and in Cancun Mexico this is made possible!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Ocean Dental Cancun

Retire to Mexico - The Dental Work is Cheap and First Class


Mexico, Cancun is considered as the most popular dental tourist destination in North and America now. It provides very high quality treatments like veneers, crowns, and implants. Besides taking advantage of the most affordable dental vacation Cancun that allows you to save your cost up to 73%, the place is also one of the best Tourism spot because of its beautiful resorts, attractions and exotic beaches.

You can reach this place by using different means of transportation. Most tourists book their flights to this place since Cancun International airport is not too far from the city. Some drive their own vehicles whilst some are taking luxury buses to go there. When taking buses, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sceneries and you will be able to save more bucks too.

For the best deal on dental-related treatment, visit Ocean Dental Cancun, this is the leading dentistry clinic in the place. This oral health clinic is located at the center of the urban city and possesses a complete and high-tech setup and laboratory where teeth makeovers are performed by a professionals. One of the most popular implant dentist in Cancun is Dr. Gavaldon, she does tooth implant, sinus lift, bone graft and minor surgeries. Dr. Gavaldon is one of the finest oral health practitioners in Mexico.

The cost of Dentistry Cancun services is 30% less of the total price of $2300 up to $3700 in other places in the USA. Specifically, in Cancun Dental Clinic, $970 is the price of one tooth implant (crowns and abutment not included), and Mini implants on the other hand costs $430.

Crown and abutment are usually done three months after the implant, it’s because the implant needs at least 2-3 months to bond perfectly with the bone.  Both abutment and crown are charged separately, they usually come around $230. The crown in this place are cheaper compared to the US; in fact, in the former, the price of the crown starts at $255 while in the latter, the similar kind of crown starts at $485 up to $1,550 for every tooth. The crown comes in 6, 9, and 14 layers, which costs $400, $450, up to $550.

Dental tourism in Cancun is continuously rising and becoming more famous each day so paying a visit there to fix your teeth while enjoying a very good vacation in the exotic beaches would be worth all your expenses!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Root Canal treatments in Cancun endodontist

What is Root Canal Treatment?

You might wonder what root canal treatment is. It is nothing but the removal of a badly affected tissue at the center of the tooth. This kind of damaged tissue causes cavities in the teeth and paves the way for different kinds of tooth ailment. There is always the need for the removal of the badly damaged tissue. 

Once the tissue is removed the dentist has to close or fill or close the gap created by the removal. He does that by the method of root canal whereby he cleans and shapes the root canal of the affected tooth or teeth. This procedure is called as root canal treatment. It is important to know that the gap created by the removal of the damaged tissue should be cleaned and filled much to the advantage of the patient. Otherwise the patient is likely to develop further problems related to his or her teeth. 

You might wonder what the causes of tissue damage are. In other words there are a few causes for the damage of the pulp damage. Development of a deep cavity is one of the most important causes of tissue damage. Sometimes the damage results when your tooth gets cracked. In the same way a severe damage to your teeth might also lead to tissue damage. These are the several causes of tissue damage. Experienced dentists can perform root canal treatment with great care and attention that the treated and restored tooth or teeth can last for long time. That is why it is important for you to choose the most sought after dentist that is an expert in the field of dental care procedures including root canal treatment. Most patients across the globe were benefited in the past by root canal treatment. The affected tooth is guaranteed of healthy benefits in the long run too.